What is Included in Your Ghostwriting Service?

As you will notice throughout our responses here in the Frequently Asked Questions section, we aim to please. In fact, we basically guarantee your satisfaction. How are we able to do that? It is teamwork. We provide you with the content and then make modifications according to your feedback. The idea is that we work together until you have a book that you can be proud of and one that you are happy to endorse with your name as the author.

All of our packages are collaborative (teamwork) and our ghostwriting process is a personal experience.

We, as your agency and writers also take it seriously and cannot help but partake in the beauty of that creative process. It is contagious! If anyone tells you that they can write something in a sterile environment and not be touched and feel the expressive nature of the creative work… well, they have not experienced the beauty of that creative process.

Basic Package

  • Phase 1 (pre-flight) process of identifying the project needs, the team members, and the ghostwriter. This also includes initial introductory call, etc. The Phase 1 is actually *free* and is something that you receive (for the most part) even before signing the contract and deciding which package (basic or premium) you would like. After all, how can you make a decision without the information, eh?
  • Interviews, research, compilation of any existing notes, etc.
  • The planning process that culminates in a final deliverable that outlines the project according to the project type. So, for a novel, that would include the plot outline as well as the characters and the character profiles. For an autobiography, it would include the stories that you have identified as wanting to include in your autobiography. While this deliverable does not have to be set in stone and can evolve to some extent through the process, it is basically the book plan and helps all of us to know what page we are on throughout the process (no pun intended).
  • Ghostwriting (original writing) of the content based on the strategy that we have developed as an interactive team.
  • Editing of the manuscript on a word-by-word basis to ensure that it follows the standards of G.U.M. (grammar, usage, mechanics).
  • Revisions of the writing based on the feedback received from you, the author. 🙂

Premium Package

  • All of the services listed in the Basic Package and also…
  • Formatting and typesetting according to the requirements of the project (i.e. Print-on-Demand; Kindle; Traditional Publication, etc.).
  • Assistance in developing a plan to contact literary agent(s).
  • Book cover design assistance.
  • 10 hours of one-on-one coaching time, focused on YOUR needs (and wants).
  • Discounted group coaching and curriculum prices.

Additional Services Available A La Carte

  • Additional coaching hours, including an on-call availability option.
  • Self-publishing of your book from start-to-finish.
  • Promotion package (including website design; influencer marketing; content marketing; and digital marketing).
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