What If I Have Part of My Book Already Written?

It is possible that you can save money if you already have a portion of your book written (please see the question about ordering something other than the fully ghostwritten book. It is not treated as a discount as much as a custom quote or an a la carte quote. In cases where you opt to go with the package quote, the material that has already been written can be incorporated into the ghostwritten book and may help to make it an even stronger creative work, without adding to the cost. Of course, these are generalities and nothing can be promised without knowing what we are working with and providing it to you in a quote. But, we aim to please and every effort will be made to provide you with any advantage available when it comes to incorporating pre-written content versus everything from scratch.

By Deborah

Deborah is a mega-experienced and award-winning writer (and speaker). Out of this experience (and education), she brings you content that you can use!

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