How Does This Work With a Ghostwritten Novel?

In most cases (as in all so far) clients come to us with the idea for their novel and want us to write it for them. This makes sense. I mean, you have someone who has a great idea but may not be a writer themselves or may not have the time to do so. That is a great reason to hire a ghostwriter. It is YOUR idea and we simply pull it together for you so that you can realize the success for yourself.

In that case, we go through the process of identifying what you want, sketching out the plot and characters, and pulling together the deliverable that provides the plan that we will follow to reach your desired destination. There is a more detailed explanation here. That explanation goes through a description of each phase and how we help walk you through each step on your way to success.

It is also helpful to keep in mind that a novel is likely to be less expensive than, say, an autobiography. That is because once the plot if sketched out in our strategy session, it is a matter of doing the writing and moving forward with the plan that you have approved. In the case of an autobiography (as a comparison example), there is more to the strategy session(s) because we are identifying the stories (true stories) that will be included in your autobiography. In the case of the novel, we are writing chapters for you to read and provide us with feedback and the process tends to be less involved than an autobiography.

Presenting Your Story

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