Phase 1: Pre-Flight (Getting Ready for Your Project)

  1. Requesting of the Quote. The first step is to request a quote. We have added a quote request form below for your convenience. There is also one at the upper right of the sidebar (almost every page on this site). After we receive the request for a quote, we move toward the next step in this list.
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  3. Questions / Checklist. After the quote request has been received and processed in our office, you will receive a questionnaire for you to fill out before our initial meeting via phone. We have specific questionnaires for each type of project. We use these in order to help guide you through the process. The questionnaire gets the ball rolling and helps to define the process for you as well as helping us to get the team ready for the call.

  5. Initial Team Selection (Internal). During this phase, we assign your team members and prepare, on our end, for the initial introduction call with you. We review the questionnaire and provide you with a link to set up the appointment for the call, at a time that is convenient for you. It is then your responsibility to ensure that an appointment is made, with the link (or contact us if you are having technical difficulty).

  7. Initial Call (30 min). The purpose of the call is to finalize the details that you have submitted in the questionnaire(s) and to answer any questions that you may have. In some cases we provide you with the quote while on the call and in other cases you receive the quote in an email after this call, depending on the information and whether any other team members or partners needed to be contacted (i.e. an illustrator for a children’s book). There are 30 minutes allotted to the call so we suggest that you list any questions that you would like to ask (or send them ahead of time via an email). If additional time is desired, that can be reserved via a coaching call session.


    Some have asked why the call is limited and why not an unlimited call and number of calls. Quite simply it is because we have had cases where clients have used this time as a way of helping them to strategize their own book so that they do not have to hire anyone at all. While we are quite sure that that does not apply to you, we still need to protect our team members. During this pre-flight phase (one), no one is being paid on our end, so this is the time that we are giving away for free. We are happy to do so, but we need to be sure that we are responsible for that use of time, for you, for us, and for our other clients, keeping it fair.


  9. Final Team Selection and Quote. After the call, we finalize the team member selection and if the quote was not made available during the initial call (next step), we email it to you at this time. Also, we introduce you to your ghostwriter (if you have not already been introduced).

Pre-flight Prep

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