Phase 3: Strategy Sessions and Project Management

  1. Three Strategy Sessions: We have virtual meetings via Skype video or audio in order to start our team process and strategic planning. These sessions are recorded, along with the session notes made available to you.

  3. Project Management. The project management (and the project plan) are developed out of the strategy sessions. In cases where more strategy sessions are requested, beyond what is normally allotted for the specific project type, they are available at an additional fee.


    The rule of thumb is that if the sessions are needed in order for us to facilitate the project management, there is no additional fee and it is included in the overall cost of the project. However, if the session is more of a hand-holding session to help the client feel good (which is understandable!), there will be an additional fee. Assuming that the project is proceeding as originally scheduled, updates are provided at scheduled intervals.


  5. Project Deliverables. Any material that you have available for the project is compiled and incorporated into the project.

  7. Final Deliverable. At the culmination of the strategy phase of the project, the final outline for the project (or equivalent) is documented and after the process of feedback and resultant changes, it is delivered.


    This deliverable is in the format for the particular project. In the case of an autobiography, it will include the stories that are selected for the autobiography. In the case of a novel, it will include the character descriptions and plot, etc. Please read the response regarding limits on feedback and revision cycles to understand how it works.

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