Phase 5: The Editing and Final Touches

  1. Editing. The book is reviewed and any editing suggestions are made at this point. The client (you) is the boss so ultimately these suggestions are yours to make or break. Your satisfaction is the objective.

  3. Formatting. If selected, the book is formatted in the style that was selected. The format is chosen/amended during the contract phase. So, as an example, if the Kindle format is selected, the book would be formatted in the Kindle format during this phase.

  5. Cover Design and Book Reviews (Optional). If any add-on services are contracted, such as cover design, illustration(s), book reviews, etc., it is factored into the overall strategy and scheduled for the appropriate phase. Please keep in mind that these are not included in the basic package and can be added during the initial contract phase. They can also be added at other points in the process but are most ideal if defined at the beginning so that they occur at the right time and do not hold up the publishing process.

By Deborah

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