What Options Are Available for Coaching?

There are two basic categories of coaching. One is group coaching and one is individual one-on-one coaching. As you can probably imagine, the group coaching (which includes interactive webinars, etc.) is the more affordable option and is quite affordable when compared to its counterpart, the individual coaching.

Another thing to consider is the group coaching generally takes place at set times, in efforts to accommodate everyone’s schedules. That said, it is not possible to accommodate everyone’s schedule(s) all of the time. Fortunately, we make recordings of the sessions available so that you do not miss anything. And, even if you are unable to attend a session, you have the availability to contact us with any questions and we can answer those questions directly, or even include them in the next session where other peer members may also contribute by asking related questions.

The individual sessions are also recorded and you receive a copy of that coaching session for additional review. The sessions are for your use only and may not be distributed, published, or sold. For example, it does not allow you to post your session on YouTube. The sessions remain the property of YourContent.Today.

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