Who is a Part of the Ghostwriting Team?

The following team members may be a part of your ghostwriting team for your project. There is some variance depending on the project as well as any contract exceptions and basic versus premium service. It is also possible that one individual may fulfill more than one role and even in some rare cases that more than one person will fulfill a particular role on the team. But, the basic roles are as follows:

Project Manager

Just as the title indicates, this is the person who ensures that the project stays on task and progresses at a normal rate to ensure the commitment to schedule, etc. While the tasks and activities are managed on the client/writer level, this person oversees the entire process and interacts with the writer to ensure that the project is progressing properly.


This person is the one who is your go to person. This is the team member with whom you will be chatting, scheduling interviews, and the person providing you with the drafts to review. If there are questions about your project, this is the person you contact.

Coach (Only available in the Premium Packages)

Think of this team member as the one who coaches you through the process. While the ghostwriter is the primary person with whom you will work, the coach is the one who takes that step back to help you see the big picture that includes marketing, promotion, and much more. The ghostwriter is focused on the content of the book whereas the coach is focused on everything, including coaching your ghostwriter!


When you have reached a point with your ghostwriter where you both can say, “Hey, it is finished,” you are at a point where the Editor can step into the picture. This role is key as the Editor has the opportunity to do what is called a cold read and identify any areas where there is room for improvement or suggestions for you, the client. Again, you are the boss, so think of the Editor as another team member who is there to help you reach YOUR goal, success, and happiness.

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