Are the Children’s Books Illustrated?

The first question is what age group is being targetted for the book. While this category is called Children’s Books, we also ghostwrite books for youth. In those cases, there may be some illustrations throughout the book, even if it is a chapter book. However, for younger children, it would be picture books (even via Kindle) and those would require something in the form of visual enticement and telling the story through visuals.

So, after defining the age group and type of book, the next step is to define the type of visuals (if at all) that are needed. For the most part, for this category, yes, there are visuals.

As far as our package pricing? Due to the fact that many clients who request ghostwriting for children’s books may also come to us with illustrators who are ready for the project, we do not automatically include the illustrations or illustrator. That said, we do have a talented young artist/illustrator “on the payroll” available for projects. That said, her availability is limited, as she is also a college student, busy with her studies. If you require her services, we can work with you to check her availability or identify other options. This is an add-on item to the package.

Fortunately, with any process or service we offer, we walk you through the process, including questions that will help you identify what you need or want and we have strategy sessions so that when we enter into the project, we all know what page we are on (no pun intended).

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