Phase 2: The Contract is Signed and Initial Payment is Received

  1. Quote Finalization (Contract) and Initial Payment (First Installment). The quote is signed by both parties and at that point it becomes the contract. The contract becomes binding at this point.


    Instructions are provided in order to facilitate the initial payment. Also, instructions are provided for the additional payment installments and dates when those payments are due. If you know the amount, you can pay directly at but we really prefer if you follow the instructions in the email so that we can link it to your order and follow internal procedures. But, if you are in a time crunch and want to make the first installment so that we can get your order going, according to our previous conversation(s), you can use the PayPal link directly.


  3. Satisfaction and Revision Iterations. Your satisfaction is our primary objective and everything is done to secure that. I’m sure that you are a normal person who would not take advantage of our kindness, but because we have had people who are not as kind as you, we need to put a limit on the number of iterations of writing/editing. That also keeps all of us, as your team (including you), focused on the task at hand (creating the best product possible!). So, the number of iteration cycles for feedback and revisions of each portion provided to you (i.e. each chapter) is three. If additional editing (beyond what is covered in the contract) is desired, that can be added for a fee, in ordering our editing service.

  5. Quote Expiration. Our quotes have an expiration date. This is to ensure that we do not have hundreds of quotes out there that all come in on the same day. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we are available to you for your project but can only do that if we have some sort of timeline. Also, the rate and the projected delivery date become affected if they pass (yes, the rate, too) before the quote is signed.


    Generally, the expiration of the quote is 30 days from when it was prepared. At that point, it would need to be renegotiated. There are no additional phone calls for the same project (again, we are professionals and our time is valuable) but we would re-date the projected timeline and likely the rate is affected (goes up) and that would be factored into the renegotiated *new* quote. There is a limit to how many times the quote is renegotiated before the rate needs to accommodate the additional time that is spent with multiple renegotiations.


  7. Thank YouDiscount. For those who act quickly on the quote (within 10 days), we like to say Thank You by giving you a 10% off gift. If you contact us within nine days, we can provide you with the link that gives you the discount immediately. Otherwise, we deduct the 10% from your future payment installment amounts due and provide you with adjusted installment payment instructions. Thank you!

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