What Is a Buyer Persona and Why Should I Care?

Why is it important to know what buyer personas are and how they can help you?

First of all (probably more as a reminder to me, Deborah) stay tuned for an article that I have coming out in the next couple of months about trust in client relationships. A couple of months? That is because it takes the site a little while to publish articles, even quality ones. 😉

Ok, back to buyer personas. I thought of the article because what I am about to share with you is related to that article and something that I wish I had considered before I experienced what I experienced. It would have saved me some money and at least a headache or two!

Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is like defining the profile of who will be buying your product or service. Yes, there are customer profiles and marketers use those to help define who it is that they are marketing to, or they should be using them, to be effective and successful!

But, a customer profile moves us in the direction of marketing and maybe even before that, during product development or product acquisition.

Oh, wow.. sounds like I am writing the article here! I better get to the point.

A buyer persona is like what a playwright would do with character development. Or, a novelist would do that. It is a definition of that person who walks through the (virtual) door of your shop and says, “Yes, that is what I was looking for when I set out to shop today!”

The reason that this is important for the consumer is that if every vendor out there included a definition of their buyer persona (which may be a version of their customer profile), a potential customer or client can read the persona and ask themselves, “Is that me?”

That doesn’t mean that if it is not you that you should never deal with the vendor. Quite the opposite is true. If a vendor (not to brag) is responsible and caring enough to post a buyer persona, it means that they do care! Instead of selling something that someone doesn’t need, just to get their money, they are saying…

Check out this buyer persona and see if it describes you. If it does not match or describe you than likely that product or service is not for you and you would be better served by selecting another of our products or services or even trying another provider!

Yes, vendors who care are willing to lose you as a customer because they care enough for your well-being!

So, if you want to read a buyer persona for YourContent.Today, click here and we are happy to share it with you. 🙂

By Deborah

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