What is the YourContent.Today PLR Buyer Persona?

When we started YourContent.Today, there were two needs in mind that we wanted to help to fill:

  • Busy entrepreneurs who needed quality content to help keep their blog going; and/or
  • Coaches with a passion to help people but who needed a little inspiration to move those mountains.

Fortunately, we have the expertise to fill both of those needs!

But, we are not the only people with an impressive skill set (not to brag or anything). So, after building a persona that actually fit two different groups of people, we realized that those two groups may also overlap and be one group. Rather than spending time trying to figure out where one stops and the other starts, we decided to reach the buyer persona that embodies both.

So, our current PLR Buyer Persona is that person who has a passion for what they do, be it coaching or something else, but who wants to provide content for their followers. Why (do they want to provide content)? Because they care. They care about what they do. They care about people.

Oh, sure, we may have PLR that relates to making money, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. but the heart of the matter and the heart of the YourContent.Today PLR Buyer Persona is that person who does it out of passion.

We all need to make a couple of bucks to pay for our ever-rising utilities, put food on the table, and even food in our pet’s dish (if we have one) but money really doesn’t grow on trees. That doesn’t change the fact that we are reaching those with passion and those who have a desire to be a contributing member of society. We are just helping that group of people to get there from point A to point B, or C, or D…

And, that part about others also having skills in producing content? Well, we either employ them, purchase their content, or provide a link (affiliate) where you can access their content. But, that doesn’t change the buyer persona and also, we hand-pick those products (and people). 😉

By Deborah

Deborah is a mega-experienced and award-winning writer (and speaker). Out of this experience (and education), she brings you content that you can use!

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