How Does Ghostwriting an Autobiography Work?

Our autobiography service is basically the same as any of our ghostwriting services. One key difference is that it is much more in-depth. Fortunately, we lead you through the process so you don’t have to have it all figured out in order to move forward. The reason that it is more in-depth is that this is YOUR story with a compilation of your successes, stories of lessons learned, and much more. In comparison, a project such as a novel may not be quite as involved. The novel could be more involved if you (the client) want it to be but generally, that is not the case. In contrast, the autobiography is much more likely to involve the client from start to finish as each story or chapter unfolds. We would expect that, wouldn’t we, since it focuses on YOUR story? 🙂

It Is YOUR Story

By Deborah

Deborah is a mega-experienced and award-winning writer (and speaker). Out of this experience (and education), she brings you content that you can use!

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