What is Involved in Hiring a Ghostwriter to Write a Children’s Book?

Children Book ghostwriting (or Children’s Book ghostwriting) is a fun endeavor. It is fun for those ghostwriting it, the client / you, and hopefully, the children reading the books (or having the books read to them).

That said, it takes a special gift to be able to ghostwrite a children’s book that is successful. Fortunately, we have access to gifted writers.

It also requires an understanding of what children, youth, and young adults understand and desire at the different phases of development. Fortunately, we have an almost-psychologist (meaning just a few classes and the degree is finished) on staff and that greatly helps in understanding things like lifespan development.

By Deborah

Deborah is a mega-experienced and award-winning writer (and speaker). Out of this experience (and education), she brings you content that you can use!

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